Kitchen Renovations

Allbrite interiors Inc. Renovates kitchens in the same manner as bathrooms renovations, both cosmetically and full renovation. We can remove all cabinets, flooring, walls and ceilings. Bring the room to today’s electrical code requirements and today’s electrical needs and demands. Replace plumbing lines with new shut-off valves. Insulate walls and ceilings to help with soundproofing as well as temperature comfort. Install new floors, cabinets and countertops. Or we can perform a cosmetic renovation of your choice depending on your budget and need.

Like every other service we offer, the customer always has the option to supply all, some or none of the materials and we can guide our customers to a variety of dealers and suppliers in the NYC area that have proven to be able to deliver affordable quality products in a timely fashion.

We have licensed Plumbers, Electricians, Architects and Interior decorators ready to help us with your project as needed. You can also introduce us to your subcontractors if that’s your preference.